Friday, 4 September 2015

Valuable Experience In The Red Campus


Do not know where to start from where my story. Is when I got the news passed the selection entered the local community college, or when it first came to Pontianak to study as a student. But when asked about his first experience entering the Faculty of Law University of Tanjungpura Pontianak, I'll start with when I first followed the hazing.
Sunday morning, when the day for a period of three new student orientation, or commonly referred to as hazing. Wall clock showed five minutes past eight. My friend and I still amid cool to chat with warm mattresses and blankets. Still feels tired and exhausted at the time. So it took a tremendous spirit to get up in the morning. Six hour journey from my village to Pontianak, it is the cause why it happened.
Sound faint sound in my ears. "As you did not participate ospekn?", Said Single, her nickname. He is my cousin brother, incidentally also being studied at the same university with me. But in a lecture at the Faculty of Engineering, who said the mortal enemy of child law. But I do not want to discuss it, and anyway not too important to discuss things like that.
Back to the beginning of the story. Short story after hearing my words abg it, me and my friend who is also a village, rushed up and then take turns showering. Once everything is ready for me and my friend went to the campus directly red riding motorcycles. That was my first time driving on the road with a motorcycle in the city of Pontianak. Arriving in front of the entrance gate to the law school, I was asked by some senior students who were waiting there. "Where are you going bang?", Said one senior big man tall, long-haired, dressed in shirts and trousers were torn. I was instantly answered "I want to come to this campus bang want to come hazing", then the man suddenly shouted with a loud tone "thrust backward motors that deck up to the parking lot, then come here again," he said with a look face fierce. 
When he returned again to the man we both ordered to open shirt, then rolling around on the cement floor. It was punishment for their late arrival of a new child. After undergoing some penalties, we were told to come in and join kebarisan which has been since early in the morning there. Since then, we both always come home late, leave early to go home at night, that's the routine activities that we have to live for a year, due to the late coming hazing currently underway. Sometimes we often surreptitiously when going back to college, but nonetheless caught. That's very impressive I felt when I was a freshman in college. Jokes and joke with my friends did not escape the force of memory. It was an incredible experience when remembering those days. many exciting experiences and extraordinary experience that I can perole. Besides having a lot of friends, a lot of relationships, is also useful knowledge that I get.
Nowadays, after five years of status as a student, the incident still attached diingatan. Well ... although five years is a measure that is long enough weeks to be completed undergraduate studies in law school, but I remain optimistic, I have finished college this year as well. Many of my friends one generation to the already completed studies. It also may be a factor that makes me more optimistic to finish my studies. Not because of my low IQ makes a long lecture, but I was not too seriously live it, the results until now have not finished-finished. The proof of my IPK was not too bad, was above average. Only for English language courses I had to repeat three times, and that makes me not able to graduate from college this beloved red. I hope that the third time I followed the English course, I could graduate with good grades, and can finish my study time on this campus.
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